Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is an Indian Multinational Pharmaceutical Company located in Mumbai. It sells and manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical formulations over 100 countries around the globe.  It is the biggest Pharmaceutical Company in India and the 4th largest  pharmaceutical company around the world. The products served a vast variety of therapeutic segments including anti-infectives, diabetology, psychiatry, neurology, cardiology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, urology, nephrology, dermatology, respiratory, gynaecology, dental, oncology, and nutritionals. Its active pharmaceutical products are baricitinib, dapaglifozin and brivaracetam.


    Webmail.sunpharma is an email service specially designed for the Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, a leading pharmaceutical company around the globe. This web-based email portal offers efficient and secure communication tools for the employees, ensuring smooth collaboration and detail exchange within the organisation.

    Is Sunpharma safe and secure?

    Sunpharma prioritises security and privacy through multi-factor authentication, robust encryption protocols, and some GxP compliance tools. This ensures that the communication remains confidential, meeting the tough standards of the pharmaceutical field.

    How To Access Sunpharma

    Here is the Step-by-step process to access Sunpharma

    Step – 1: Go to the official website and Open the Login Page of Sunpharma provided by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries.

    Step – 2: Enter Your login credentials, like username and password or any other required information. Carefully enter your password in order to access your webmail account.

    Step – 3: Use Google Authenticator Application and enable two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator application for the additional layer of security

    Step – 4: click on the login button

    Step – 5: Accessand explore different features like contacts, folders, and tasks to organise your email more effectively.

    Step – 6:  Create and send new emails from the webmail interface directly.

    Features of Sunpharma

    Offline Support: Access your emails without an internet connection for increased accessibility.

    Enhanced Security: 

    Implementing the advanced security measures to safeguard the sensitive pharmaceutical data.

    Integrated Productivity Tools:

    Enjoy smooth integration with the best tools for enhanced efficiency.

    Mobile Optimization:

    Experience optimised performance on mobile devices for on the go access

    Robust Search Functionality:

    Efficiently search through attachments and emails for quick details retrieval.

    How to Use Sunpharma on Android/iPhone?

    Accessing Sunpharma on mobile devices is pretty simple:

    Just, download the official Sunpharma app from the preferable app store. Install the application and log in by using your login credentials. Enjoy safe and secure access to your emails on the go.


    Sunpharma stands out as a robust communication tool designed for the pharmaceutical industry. The security features, compliance measures and productivity tools, make it a best tool for the professionals in this field.