Hey there anime lovers! This one is for you guys. Fire Force 3 is definitely in the works and has a possibility of coming out in either 2023 or 2024.

    Fire force is an anime series written by Atsushi Ohkubo. Now, there are 304 chapters in this series which narrates the story of a young guy named Shinra who joins the Fire Force brigade in order to take down demons. These demons turn humans into life infernos.

    The Fire Force manga has ended. But that does not mean that the series has ended either. It is far from its end, as we can see that only about half the episodes have been shown so far. Season 1 covers about the first 90 of the chapters from the series and season 2 covers the next 84. It is only normal that there will be a third season as the series is far from over.

    The series is quite trending with the rise of anime in recent times. The Fire Force has quite a large following and we know that viewers are waiting for the Fire Force Season 3 with utter trepidation.

    The exact date when the series launches has not been told yet, but the production house has made an official announcement that the next season is in the works. We can only guess that it is just a matter of time before we are gifted with another new season.

    This season  might include more than the normal amount of 24 episodes. There is a theory like this. This is because, as we stated earlier, a lot of the chapters are left and the producers might make this one a bigger season so that it can conclude properly.

    Otherwise, there is another guess that there might be a 4th season as well. It is only humane to guess that all the chapters will not be included in the 3rd and they will have to come back with another. Unless, of course, if the whole series gets cancelled, in the worst case of luck.

    Fire Force manga has become a hit with the public since it came out and so has the anime. The anime covers the chapters beautifully in the series. The 1st season encompasses the joining of Shinra in the Fire Force and fighting the evils to save humankind.

    The 2nd season starts with chapter 91 of the manga named Fight Between Men. This season mainly shows the fight between Shinra as the good force and the evil forces of the WHite Clad religious cult between several other adventures.

     The season ends with chapter 174 of the mangago and Shinra has to conduct more investigations about the White Cult. His mates and he also undergo rigorous training to prepare themselves for the ominous future.

    The 3rd season is supposed to start with chapter 175, titled, The Centre of Faith. There is hope that the season airs in 2023 as the news came out in 2022 only.You can watch Fire Force on streaming services like Funanimation or Adult Swim Network.