It is not possible to go into a time machine to experience the past, but it is possible with the help of the hurdle 70s to step into that pleasing era. Music is a wonderful medicine that can only be replaced or avoided by some. For people who want to travel into the time machine to bring back the memories of the past or to enjoy the masterpiece, the hurdle70 is the best option. Read more about available songs and how to play those excellent masterworks.

    About hurdle 70:

    Hurdle 70 is the platform to test the musical knowledge by guessing the names of iconic songs from this iconic ’70s decade. Heardle 70s allows users to revive the magical period of the 70s with the help of those iconic songs of the 70s. However, the challenge is that the user has to guess the song correctly within the time as it is limited. It is a treat for people fond of 70s and music lovers.

    Steps to play 1970s On Hurdle:

    This app is a musical game and easy to play. The interesting fact of this platform is that the user will be given a chance for six attempts to identify the song. Follow the steps to play this interesting musical game.

    • Listen to the intro music, then identify the exact 70s song from the options. This opening tune is the first clue for the user to identify.
    • The user can click the skip button to unlock the next part of the clue.
    • Then, type the guessed answer in the search box below the play button to find the song you have guessed.
    • Now select it to declare it as an answer. Ensure the answer is found within the time limit of sixteen seconds, which is nearly the 6-passet limit.
    • If the guessed answer is right, select and play the identified soundtrack.

    This Portal allows users to share the scores with friends and families through social media, which is the game’s best element.  


    Hurdle 70 is the complete package to enjoy the golden days of the 70s. It is the best platform to experience the influential and vibrant music of the 1970s. It brings the reminiscence of the historical period and submerges in the nostalgia of the 70s.